Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gone For Long...

Hey..yeah, long time no see!! And once again it's gonna be a long time since you see me. That's 'coz my ototo's exams are on and we're not supposed to be using the internet in front of him (a very distracted kodomo, you know...). So until then, that I came online is a secret between you and me...just kidding!! Of course, my parents know I did!! ^^

I finally did watch Hana Yori Dango!! But I didn't understand the fuss that's made about the show. I mean, I agree it's good but then it's nowhere as great as Gokusen. Gokusen is just ultimate, I guess. It's kinda like watching Death Note before any other anime. The other thing is bound to appear nonsensical before DN. So, Hana Yori Dango was ok and if I were to elaborate, I'd say it was a bit dull. The only reason the fuss is probably made about it is Jun and Shun I think (Oh, I think Shun looks better than MatsuJun in HYD). Definitely the Arashi song, Wish, makes you even happier than you would be on watching that drama. But then it's Arashi and they rock!!

Carrying on the Hana Yori Dango thing, I also heard (and saw) loads of great Arashi songs. The first one being One Love. The song's amazing, the vid is a bit cheesy but the guys look great. Especially Jun. He has that kind of a 'I'm in love' look in his eyes which adds all the emotion while he croons, 'Aishiteiru...tada aishiteiru...'. The other guys are good as usual but Jun takes the cake away...

Next song was Happiness. Wow, that song makes you so happy!! I love the video more than the song 'coz the Arashi love and friendship just shows plainly. One of their best vids in my opinion. Yeah, I know it's a really old song of theirs but hey, I'm their huge fan, ok? I can hear their songs whenever I want to and whenever I feel like, get it? I must warn you that the catchy tune may distract you a little. It distracted me when I was writing my Terrorism essay in my English paper. After all, there were just ten minutes left and who wouldn't want to 走りだせ...走りだせ!! For those of you who didn't understand that, never mind! Go hear Happiness and you'll know what I just said...!

After Happiness came Step and Go. I like the video, it's a little different from what Arashi do. I also liked the song. But then, it's not something supreme and great...good for Arashi fans.

And yes, I heard Sakura Sake. Okay, that is really, really old but I had heard the song before. I just saw the vid recently. I found it rather hilarious. You better go watch it (if you haven't already seen it ~.~) and form your own opinion about it...

Moving over, I wish World Movies allowed you to request movies. They keep showing those rotten, old, boring ghisa-pita stuff that they think is the best. I'll show them what's the best - Death Note, Kenichi Matsuyama and some Jun Matsumoto stuff (even Tokyo Tower, the movie where he falls for his own sister will do, though it may be kinda explicit!).

And now I better scram. My mum's not in her best mood, you know. So until then, adios or ja ne! ^^


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