Monday, April 27, 2009

Happiness!! Shiawase!! Whatever!!

Konban wa, Minna...

So, today's my kawaii ototo-chan's birthday. But that's not what I'm so excited about, folks. Today also happened to be a big day in my life. A day that decided quite a lot. A day that could've changed people's views about me. Lol. OK, let's cut the nonsense and proceed to what I have to say directly.

Today, I was blessed to receive my 11th grade results. Oh yeah, when I say blessed, I mean blessed. That's 'coz I honestly doubted getting my result sheet today. You know why? Sa, kangaemashita...

I stood in a queue for half in hour, in sweats from head to toe, in the burning heat, only to be told that my result wasn't where it should've been. As a result, all my friends got their results and I was left to wonder whether I'd really done that awfully...

In an answer to the confused look on my face, the teacher who sat with the report sheets, told me to run downstairs and meet a certain someone in the office who apparently might have my results. Only she didn't say 'might'.

I ran down to the office, stood in another queue for an hour, almost dying in the heat and suffocation and terrible odours (you see, the girl who stood in front of me had long hair that she'd left loose over her shoulders but smelt like it hadn't been washed in days. So, I think you get the picture). After I pushed my way through all the people who weren't sure if they had passed or flunked, I finally reached the counter only to be told that I had done no wrongdoing whatsoever throughout the year but they still couldn't find my result. Maybe I should check with my teachers.

Wearing my anger upon my head like a crown (wow, good one!!), I marched through the college corridors to the staff room and walked straight in. I ran into my EVS teacher and pummeled her with my agony. At first she couldn't understand what I said, calling me too fast. I slowly (and irritably) repeated everything I said. She understood (finally!!) and led me to a tiny room within the staff room that I'd never noticed before. In the room sat two people I didn't know. I entered and complained hysterically about how I was one of the only people who hadn't received my report sheet yet. They calmed me down and asked me my name. I muttered my name and went over to the other side to take a look at the list they were referring to. I saw my name their at the same time that they did and to my surprise, also saw 'MERIT' printed in tiny black letters right next to my name and marks. They informed me that since I was a merit student, I had to go to meet the Vice Principal (Kyoto-sensei!), who would then hand me my result. Off I went again, trotting down the stairs, occasionally bumping into a few teachers who kept congratulating me on being a merit student (obviously, they knew beforehand but no one bothered telling me!).

On reaching Kyoto-sensei's office, I saw that she was missing. A peon informed me that she would be back soon. I waited, met my friends, waited, bought myself a bottle of mineral water and waited. At last, I saw her walk in like it was no big deal. As soon as she seated herself, I bombarded her with my issue. And you know what she said? 'I haven't received any results...but congratulations on your results. I think you should go check with the office guy.' Isn't that great? Just great. I tried hard to convince her that I had already checked there but to no use. She kept ranting on how she would talk to that guy (yeah, right!). Taking her leave, I walked off and went back to the office.

This time I didn't bother with a queue. I stomped straight into his office, turned his chair around....okay, I didn't do that. I just kept murmuring, 'Sir, Sir.' Yeah, like he would be able to hear me over the chaos. Just when I was thinking of pushing his chair hard, the EVS teacher (yup, the same one) walked in and was surprised to see me still waiting. She came over, spoke to the man who searched his office and at last found my result sheet with my certificate kept neatly under a file. Now that's called inefficiency. I mean, you waste two hours of someone's life like this. I had to take my college admission forms for the next year but now that got postponed to tomorrow. Grrr.....

Anyway, I'm still pretty relieved I got my result. Oh yeah, I finished 11th grade with the second rank in the entire college. Kakkoi, eh? So, I can chill now. And since this entry's longer than ever, I gotta scram now. I'll be back with more stuff later. Ja!! ^^


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