Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Useless Day and more useless stuff...

God...today was one awful day!! My exam was a mess...I totally screwed up my economics paper and I don't even wanna think about what grades I'm getting for that one!! *shudders violently* Anyway, let's not think about what horrors the future holds for me....

Right now, I'm tired, sleepy, clueless about what I'll write in my History paper but luckily, it won't be the first time I open my book to study tomorrow...I've been more than regular and attentive in History class. It is one of my favorite subjects, after all...only after anime and drama though!!

So, I haven't done anything new at all...Oh yeah, I converted Gokusen episode 10 into a .wmv file since my Movie Maker acts all stupid and idiotic...I think that also happens to be the only useful thing I did today...

My cough and cold are gone (thankfully!) and I feel much better! Thanks to everyone who prayed...I love you all!! I'm waiting to post a fan fiction that I wrote ages ago on the fanfic site...I'm so bored of not receiving any reviews lately that it seriously bugs me...After that Ban/Nat fic...I hope to post a Saya/Hagi that's currently ongoing. And then, I will take my own sweet time and cook up a situation where in I can get into bed with my beloved Kougaiji-sama and turn it into a fanfic....hahahaha...just kidding!! But yes, it's been long since I wrote a Yaone/Kou fic...so I'm hoping to get some ideas soon...
Btw, he looks too much like the way I'm looking right now in the above picture.

I think I'll go now...I'm feeling bored, I have nothing to do...and I don't have much to write either. I'll write to you again sometime when I'm happy, is that ok? See ya then. Buh-bye. Ja ne ^^

P.S. I still haven't watched Hana Yori Dango...lolz...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Layout...and lots more new stuff!!

Hey, how do you like my new layout? Cool, innit? Well, actually, I wanted to put a cooler Misa-Misa layout but sadly, her head wouldn't fit on the screen! It looked so much more cool...But don't go thinking I'm some kinda emo liking Jigoku Shoujo and all...I'm the Youkai Princess...and a happy person!

Anyway, so, I haven't yet watched Hana Yori Dango, only mindlessly downloaded it...Actually, I'm having exams and shouldn't even be posting here but here I am, as shameless as ever! Hopefully, I'll be able to watch at least one episode of the drama tonight. I don't wish to make any comments until I watch it but you know, I think, Mao looks too Indian. In fact, she looks like my uncle's best friend's daughter. That's kinda strange. Not like I have a problem with it though - she's still cute!!

I recently heard a lot of new songs. Beginning with MatsuJun's Naked. I think the song's wonderful. Jun has a very soft, sensuous touch to his voice in the song. At some points, he even sounds a bit like Justin Timberlake. So, all in all, a nice single. Although I think the song is pretty good and deserves a 4 star rating, my friend on the other hand would tell you it sounds like a 1920's American gangster song!! But to each his own...

This guy's too hot, isn't he?!

Moving over to Arashi's Believe and Truth. Believe is a beautiful song that has all of the Arashi
hyperness that we like yet in a different and fresh kind of a way. Meanwhile, Truth is another different Arashi song with a nice video (all the guys look super hot!) and also a catchy tune. watch out for the chilling tune in between...sounds kinda scary if you're home alone, like I was when I heard it! Lol...
Arashi!!!!!!!!! Aishiteru!!!!!!!!!!

I had a really lovely dream last night. I dreamt about Arashi going to India and having their first ever concert! Isn't that cool? I also saw myself become their event manager and invite them to my grandmother's for lunch. Now that, is lame....

I've got a pathetic cough which seems to be turning into a cold now. God, I hope I can clear my exams properly!! Do pray for me!! Exams get over on Thursday, 2nd April and then I'll be free, free for 2 long months!! Hurrah!! Anyway, more later....See ya next time!! Ja ne...^^

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Watching Hana Yori Dango

Ok..first things first... :)

O-hisashiburi desu ne
!! ^^' I know I've been really lazy and not written in regularly as I promised I would but hey, better late than never? So, life's been really boring and slow and hopeless...the only few good things that happened were me making good, new friends, the possibility of Jun and Yukie getting together and the Return of Animax!!! Muahahahahahahahaha....

Anyway, so now I've decided to watch Hana Yori Dango. Yep, you got that right. The centuries old J-Dorama, you know. I never wanted to watch it 'coz Jun wasn't with Yukie. But hey, Shahrukh
and Kajol don't come together in all movies..but I still watch them, don't I? And I've heard a lot about it, so I should go and watch, ne? I also heard a few new songs that I shall talk about in my next blog. So until then, ja ne!

The cutest couple in the whole wide world!! God bless them!! Jun/Yukie are the best!!!!!!!!!

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