Sunday, December 21, 2008


Dear Reader,
Just as my title goes, this is an introduction to me and my blog for the world outside. let's start with my blog. Now, my blog will be all about my favorite my fave anime, drama, music, guys, etc. But before I begin with anything, let me tell you - This blog expresses my way of thinking. So in case you don't really agree with what I say or find many faults and errors, I'd be more than welcome to hear your opinion...
Coming to me and my name, I call myself 'the princess' because I am one. You see if Yaone was to marry Kougaiji, she'd become the Youkai Princess, ne? Anyway, I'm here to recommend the best drama series, anime, latest movies (japanese, hindi and english only) and write in whenever I feel like it. So, my blog is destined to be a multi-purpose blog.
Okay, enough of wasting space for now. I'll be back with a substantial blog the next time, I promise. Until then, adios!
Youkai Princess

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