Friday, May 8, 2009

Some New Finds...

Konban wa, Minna!!

Yeah. You can say that again. It's been a whole damn week and I've been away. That's partly due to my laziness and partly because I've been tired. Yes, tired. Even if it is my vacation, I still have lots to do.

So, I'm here to present my new find of the week. Ok, he's not brand new or anything, but to me and to many more people he is. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Mamoru Miyano....
He's the seiyuu (voice actor) for Light Yagami (Death Note), Zero, etc. What a lot of people didn't know was that he's also a JPop singer. His most recent single released in December 2008. It's called Kimi E.

Kimi E is a beautiful song which is a must-hear for everyone who's in love with Light's voice. But my personal favorite is Be. It's a lovely song with fabulous music. The first reaction I had with the song was fall in love with Miyano-san. He's too good. Except his dancing (which is a little girlish), I'm wholly and truly in love with him. It's a shame he's already married (as if I could've gotten him anyway!! lol). Hope I can ever find someone like about Kenichi-san?? LOL!!

The next two songs of the week (my week, not Oricon charts) are Arashi's Fight Song and Lucky Man. I didn't enjoy the former that much (no offense to fans of the Fight Song) but the latter, well, yeah, that's pretty cool!! Fast beats, disco-like song. All in all, I loved it. All the Arashi guys are perfectly lovable!! Especially, Jun.............................

The only other thing I did this week was finish my college admission business. God, it's a pain, I tell you. But you gotta live with it!!

Oh yeah, I'm busy writing on There it's basically Shinkumi. For anyone interested, I write under the name Mr. Evil Eyes. So you can go look me up on the author search and check out some of my fan fiction.

Ok, enough advertising. I'm now done with seven episodes of downloading Gokusen season 1 (remember, I once told you about it??). And now I'm off to Grandma's for a whole week. So see you in a week (and a few more days!!). So, until then, ja ne...^^


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